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Why are holding events a great investment for your company?

We are all now very much aware of the economic crisis, and the effects that it is having to individuals, households and businesses.

Are you a business that has pulled all your events the past few years? Most have started to panic and are trying to justify the need for running an event. We are here to tell you why still running an event is a great investment for your company.

  • Networking opportunities – For your attendees and for the staff that are part of the event. For the majority networking is the only reason they attend events, they get to share experiences, learnings, make new friends and they leave these events fulfilled. For the team – planning an event is an all hand on deck project, during this planning stage, relationships can be formed, ideas can come together, and the team will feel a little more united.
  • If you don’t- someone else will
    More often than not this will be your competitor. Build your event year after year, get a greater attendee portfolio and don’t stop. When you have something good going- it’s important to keep that alive, if your event was to fall off the calendar this will open a gap for your competitor to fill.
  • Target your core audience – What a great way to get all your target audience in one space, not to sell to them but to learn from them and talk to them about their needs and wants. If you were to sit in the office and call each person or email them to find out what they want to see, what they would like to gain from your company – this would take you a considerable amount of time, running an event for your target audience eliminates all the unnecessary time.  
  • Increase engagement – It is important to not forget your team when it comes to events, the most important investment for you is your team members. Boosting their morale and appreciating them is the best investment you could ever have. You don’t just have to run business events, you could plan a team event for your staff members, create a safe and fun environment to improve the company culture, create new working relationships and importantly build their self-confidence.

Brand visibility and exposure – your product needs to STAND out from the rest and people need to remember you, creating and executing a memorable event will do just that.         Once you have the one event under your belt your social media and marketing will be soaring – you will have genuine comments, testimonials from REAL people testifying just how good your brand is, and how you recognise your customers needs.

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