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Choosing the right team building activity for your business

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Team building activities are essential for collaboration, enhancing communication, and boosting morale within any organisation. Selecting the right activity can make all the difference in achieving these goals. With countless options available, how do you choose the perfect team building activity for your next event?  

Here are some key considerations to help you make the best choice. 

Understand your objectives 

The first step in choosing the right team building activity is to clearly define your objectives. What do you hope to achieve? Are you looking to improve communication, encourage collaboration, enhance problem-solving skills, or simply have fun and relax? Your goals will guide you in selecting an activity that aligns with your desired outcomes. 

Know your team 

Understanding the dynamics and preferences of your team is crucial. Consider factors such as the size of your group, their physical abilities, and their interests. For instance, a high-energy adventure activity might not be suitable for a team with varying fitness levels, whereas a creative workshop might appeal to a diverse group. You could always have 2 or 3 activities running alongside each other, a high energy one, a logic and skills task and a more informal relaxing team build like yoga, wine tasting, meditation and wellbeing.  

Budget and time 

Budget and time are important constraints to consider when planning a team-building activity. Determine how much you are willing to spend and how much time you have available. Some activities, such as a weekend retreat, require a significant investment of both time and money, while others, like a half-day team build, are more cost-effective and easier to fit into a busy schedule. Be realistic about what you can afford and how much time your team can commit. Remember it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have a great time, you will find that most activities are priced as the activity itself and not per head, so it is worth exploring different pricing options.  

Company culture 

Choose an activity that aligns with your company culture and values. If your organisation prides itself on innovation and creativity, opt for activities that encourage creative thinking and problem-solving, such as “Lock Box Challenge” or “Masterminds”. If teamwork and collaboration are key values, consider activities that require working together towards a common goal such as “Soapbox Derby or “Crystal Maze”. Ensuring the activity reflects your company culture will make it more relevant and impactful for your team. 

Where? And when? 

The environment in which the activity takes place can greatly influence its success. Decide whether you want an indoor or outdoor activity and consider the logistical requirements of each option. Outdoor activities, like assault courses or scavenger hunts, can be invigorating and refreshing, but they also depend on weather conditions. Indoor activities, such as tabletop games or cooking classes, offer more controlled environments and can be conducted year-round. Sometimes your venue choice will be the deciding factor for your team building activity, if you have already booked your venue, you need to ask them what activities they would accept on their grounds or inside their venue, don’t assume that there won’t be any restrictions. If you have not already booked but know what activity you would like, you will need to find a venue that is suitable for this – Don’t forget Sheer Edge can always help you find that perfect venue. 

Seek out professional help 

If you’re unsure about how to choose the right activity or how to organise it, consider seeking the help of an events agency who is experienced and organising events like this, Sheer Edge, has years of planning team building experiences, we can provide valuable insight, suggest what we think is best for you and your teams, and take your next team event to a whole new level! 

NEVER be afraid  

It is always everyone’s prerogative to play it safe and do what they think is best, however, sometimes thinking outside of the box is just as rewarding, with our help we can help guide you into the unknown realm of different experiences, to really push you and your team out of your comfort zones. We have always had great feedback from clients that have tried something they have never imagined their team to do, something that didn’t really fit in with the “company culture”.  

Below are some ideas that Sheer Edge would suggest you consider; 

  • Puzzle solvers: These require teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills as teams work together to solve mysteries, our most popular would have to be CSI investigate, show off your skills and find the killer. 
  • Workshops: Creative or skill-based workshops can be both educational and enjoyable, offering a break from the usual routine. 
  • Outdoor Adventures: Activities like high ropes courses, or scavenger hunts can boost morale and foster a sense of teamwork. 
  • Volunteer Work: Organising a team volunteer day can enhance teamwork and give back to the community, aligning with corporate social responsibility goals. 
  • Team Sports: Friendly competitions in sports like it’s a knockout, sports day, or even bowling can be great for building team spirit and healthy competition. 

Our top 5 favourite team builds; 

  • Enrichment projects with zoos and animal sanctuaries 
  • Paint and Sip 
  • Diamond Heist 
  • Interactive Bingo 
  • CSI Investigate 

For all your team building needs, get in touch with the Sheer Edge team today, we love a creative challenge! Hello@sheeredge.co.uk or call us: 0330 223 3176 

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