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Event Manager

Meet me, the dynamo behind unforgettable events. Over a decade in the events industry, and I am still hooked. My experience in the events world has taken me from football, hotels, restaurants, and corporate hospitality, giving me a whirlwind of passion and precision, crafting experiences for you that defy expectations.

My family loves to tease me, claiming I’m more devoted to my job than to them. But truth be told, it’s all about passion and pride. I wear my heart on my sleeve, immersing myself in every twist and turn of this exhilarating journey. It’s not just a job; it’s my calling.

Guilty pleasure

Definitely sneaking in some time to write my children’s book, with a chocolate to one side and maybe a nice glass of fizz to the other, its my escape from the chaos of being a mom and a wife, and a chance for me to use my creative mind.

Outside of work

Yes I do have time outside of work! I love going on adventures with my family, exploring new places is so refreshing and exciting!

Bucket list items

I am absolutely petrified of heights, so I really want to hop on an helicopter and overcome my fear, for I would love nothing more than to fly around above some beautiful sights.

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